The term API or Application Programming Interface has become a very important point in the routine of development, in business, and when creating applications 711 kelab. All this thanks to the fact that the APIs greatly simplify the programming work, since we do not have to write the code from scratch.

The utility of an API is to provide predefined functions to interact with the operating system or program. So they are used in different areas, for example:


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other social networks use APIs to link their networks to different websites, allowing the possibility of tweeting, liking, or sharing the content being viewed without leaving the site. Here we also have APIs that make it easier for us to view videos, photos, security checks, etc.


APIs that facilitate being able to carry out transactions, check information on accounts and balances, transfer funds, carry out card transactions, security alerts, etc. It is worth mentioning that to take advantage of the functions of smartphones, many APIs facilitate the development of applications that can use GPS or cameras to enable banking operations such as payments or deposits and transfer of funds.


Currently, there are a large number of entrepreneurs seeking to publicize their products or services through the internet. They want clients to be able to make a purchase or contract for these.

This is where APIs come into play by allowing you to store user information securely. This makes it possible to have a projection of the consumption behavior of customers.

There are companies with PayPal or Stripe that use APIs to facilitate their procedures, as well as VISA and BBVA that, through their innovation centers, provide a large number of APIs with which entrepreneurs can apply to their respective projects.

A clear example is presented when making an online purchase and entering the card number. The website uses an API to send user information to the bank’s servers and verify that it is valid; Then, the server automatically sends the authorization to the website where the purchase is made so that the purchase receipt or voucher is issued.

There are many more areas where an API is of great importance; several of the applications and websites that we access daily on our smartphones use them.