Today, all or almost all of us have heard or used Java at some time, and that is that Java is almost everywhere today, so in this little article, we are going to talk about what Java is and why it is important to learn Java.

Java is an object-oriented programming language created in 1991 and published in 1995 by Sun Microsystem (acquired by Oracle in 2010), with the intention that programmers write the code only once and run it on any device.

And this is possible thanks to the fact that Java has a JVM or Java Virtual Machine that provides portability to the language since today there are JVMs for different architectures for all platforms.

“WORA – write once, run anywhere.”

JDK has a compiler that takes our Java code and validates the syntax, if the compiler finds any error in our code it will show us a message and if everything is fine the compiler will create a file with byte .class code, it is this file that will be executed by the JVM.

Until 2016 the latest stable version is Java Standard Edition 8, which was released in 2014, Java being a language derived from C has a syntax very similar to this, and in terms of its structure, the Java language begins with packages, within which are the classes and within these, we find the methods, constants, variables, among others.

There are multiple reasons why it is good to learn to program in Java; here are some of them.

-It is among the most used languages ‚Äč‚Äčtoday and runs on almost all the platforms on the market.

-If you want to start developing on Android, Java is an important base that you need and must learn.

-There are great support, documentation, and Java communities that you can go to if you need help to better understand the language.

-Java also has a series of libraries (native and third-party) that extend its functionalities, from manipulating Office files to recognizing fingerprints and much more.

-Java is not a complicated language as you might think, since it is a type of object-oriented programming, understanding the basics of this type of programming learning Java will be intuitive.

-It is safe, JVM offers us a lot of security against third-party infiltrations or viruses.

-Java is designed to create highly robust and reliable software; for this, it provides numerous checks during compilation, and at runtime, it has a garbage collector that eliminates the need for explicit memory release.